The doctors called the cause of death Oleynikova

The doctors called the cause of death OleynikovaThe experts came to the conclusion that the famous actor and TV presenter Ilya Oleinikov ruined Smoking and severe protracted disease of the lungs.The doctors announced the cause of sudden death known actor Ilya Oleynikov. As established specialists of the St. Petersburg clinical hospital N122, Ilya Lvovich died as a result of severe lung disease.Pneumonia only gave rise to an imminent death. Despite long-term treatment Oleynikov failed to defeat the deadly disease.- The cause of death was, can you say it is Smoking. It is because of him so quickly began to develop pneumonia with such complications. Infection and heart problems hastened the patient's death, - told Life News source in the hospital. - Ilya Lvovich smoked until the last day. The doctors forbade him, but from years of bad habits to give up, he never could.That in June Oleynikov put a fatal diagnosis only knew a few people: the doctor Ilya Lvovich, relatives and his close friend Yuri Stoyanov. No one else Oleinikov to talk about it would not.- Ilya Lvovich was very grateful to the doctors that they had concealed the truth from everyone - say close Oleynikova. - Thanks to all the others continued to treat him, as a healthy person. Nobody Lisp with him, he continued to work, 29 October, he was on the set of "the Town".According to friends Oleynikova, he was successfully treated, even completed a course of chemotherapy, and already on the mend.Ilya Oleynikov, one of the creators of the famous "Town", died on November 11 at five o'clock in 122 Clinical hospital.Ten days before, last time he was on the set of his beloved "Town" - the transfer-survivor and made it truly popular actor. Source: the Doctors called the cause of death Oleynikova.

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