Lazarev admitted freely his heart

Lazarev admitted freely his heartAfter parting Lera Kudryavtseva Sergey Lazarev plunged into the work and is in no hurry to tie new relationships. But the singer often think about the children, because to be held as the father is one of the most important goals of his life.About feelings, inspiration, and plans for 2013 - in an interview with Sergey Lazarev for Viva!- From the moment when the couple Lazarev-Kudryavtseva broke up, it took quite a long time. Can I say that you said goodbye to the past and started a new life?Will not say goodbye forever. In any case, we have a certain relationship, just the status has changed. We somehow intersect.- You continue to communicate with Leroy?Much less frequently. Now we are no longer consolidates the feeling that was between us.- Today your heart is free?While Yes!- What are you internally - singer or actor? Due to the fact that both your talent and accepted by the public.Singer! Although there I, but the singer still more. In music I'm more of a cook than in the theatrical life.- Sergey, what are your sources of inspiration?The audience, his emotions and feelings... Concerts.- What Sergey Lazarev in everyday life, in communication with friends and family?Fun! In General, I can't say that I'm different on stage and in life. I don't play.- Soon the New year, and I can't help but ask about your plans. How will you spend this holiday? With whom will you celebrate? Are you planning a vacation?In the New year I will work to sing. The first of January I will celebrate with relatives, with his family, is an annual tradition. In January I will play in the play, and then will go to America. I will rest. Back in early February.- What would you wish for ourselves and our readers in the New year's eve?I wish the best of luck, chance and fate have been supportive. To happen those meetings that brought you to a qualitatively new level. To be surrounded by people, who gave new knowledge.Happy New year! Source: Lazarev admitted freely his heart.

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