Jessica Alba appeared on the cover of InStyle magazine

Jessica Alba appeared on the cover of InStyle magazine 31-year-old gorgeous actress and mom of two beautiful daughters became the heroine of the February issue of InStyle magazine, who also revealed all the secrets of motherhood.Bright, positive and cheerful Jessica Alba on the pages of InStyle cannot fail to bring a smile and, of course, the rapture. Still, a successful actress, business woman, fashion icon and exciting time in their lives - and children to raise and a husband to cuddle. How does she do that? It's very simple: the main thing is to love and be loved!Jessica Alba love to her husband: I immediately knew as soon as I met him. At the same time and realized that it was THE right one. It was weird - I felt that he was part of my family. With him was very easy, I have never experienced anything like it. I usually always had it all under control, clearly watched my fork touches the plate every time at dinner on a date, but with him it was different. We both halves of one whole.Jessica Alba about the virtues of motherhood: before I had children, I was very responsible and serious, I constantly monitor their environment, everything had to be in my opinion. Now my perception of the world changed. You can, of course, put everything in boxes, sign, store toys, for example, in certain places, but when children come into the nursery, you're not gonna tell them what to draw, because then you have to get up again!Jessica Alba on how motherhood has changed her style: When I became a mother, I began to experiment more with style. I used to have one uniform is leggings and a sweater. Now I like to try something new: prints, bright colors, different patterns and styles. Never say never. But I know one thing - never to wear micro shorts! Sure on one hundred percent! Source: Jessica Alba appeared on the cover of InStyle magazine (photo).

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