Elena Vaenga again became a party to the judicial showdown

Elena Vaenga again became a party to the judicial showdownPopular singer Elena Vaenga again became a party to the judicial showdown. This time, however, the defendants were not journalists, and it itself. They say the artist has flooded neighbors, and now they require from her 218 thousand for the repairs.In General, the Gulf neighbors Elena Vaenga occurred at the beginning of the year, but the progress of the case Dzerzhinsky court of St. Petersburg gave just now."According to documents presented in court by the plaintiff, that the Gulf of plaintiff occurred on 7 February 2012. Next was repaired in the amount of 218 thousand, all relevant documents are attached. However, the defendant, for reasons unknown, did not wish to solve the problem without the intervention of the court", - quotes the representative of the Dzerzhinsky court Life News.However, at the meeting itself Elena Vaenga didn't come. Instead, it called for the court Trustees singer Veshkurceva and Volkov. They showed the judge the attorney to represent the interests of the singer in court. "The first meeting was held on October 16. But at the request of the Trustees for the defendant moved that the plaintiff did not object," - said in court. It is interesting that the court is currently not known, whether lived Vaenga that fateful day at registration.Meanwhile, on the eve of Elena Vaenga won the court journal, which published an article about her pregnancy. According to the website of the newspaper "Trud", Izmajlovsky court of Moscow ruled in favor of the popular singer, who accused the magazine "stars" of interference in private life. For the article about pregnancy edition paid 150 thousand rubles.In the lawsuit, the singer asked to collect in favor of compensation for moral damage in the amount of 12 million rubles, but the court has satisfied its requirements only partially. As previously Vaenga sued by another publication, the magazine "take a Rest", and the occasion was the same. In August, she received 250 thousand rubles for this information. Source: Elena Vaenga again became a party to the judicial showdown.

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