Gerard Depardieu received in Chechnya 5-room apartment

Gerard Depardieu received in Chechnya 5-room apartmentFrench actor Russian citizenship to Gerard Depardieu continues to travel through Russia, collecting gifts. In Chechnya Gerard was appointed an honorary citizen and presented another apartment.Actor Gerard Depardieu did not, grew roots in their new apartment in Saransk, as already flew to Chechnya at the personal invitation of the head of the Republic Ramzan Kadyrov."I invited Gerard Depardieu in Grozny. This is his second trip to the Chechen Republic. We got to know during the first visit, discussed some of the projects. I am convinced that this trip will be productive," Kadyrov said to journalists during a meeting Depardieu at the airport of Grozny.After that, he took the actor to his residence, where Depardieu was expecting a holiday dinner, concert and other surprises. Now the former French have a property not only in Saransk, but also in Chechnya."Just handed the documents to a five-room apartment and a certificate of honorary citizen of the Czech Republic Gerard Depardieu" - signed your picture with an actor, the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov on his page on Instagram."I love Russia. I also loved in the Chechen Republic. Here open friendly people" - said in response, pleased with Depardieu. Source: Gerard Depardieu received in Chechnya 5-room apartment.

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