Aniston gave the groom a scandal because of a failed surprise

Aniston gave the groom a scandal because of a failed surpriseThe bridegroom Hollywood actress Jennifer aniston Justin Theroux decided to give the bride a special gift. He was invited to the forthcoming celebration of her ex-husband brad pitt and zakladow the frenemy angelina Jolie.Now in full swing preparations for the long awaited wedding of Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux, which, on hearings, scheduled for the end of the year and will take place either in Hawaii, or Mexico.Recall the famous Hollywood actress, star of the Comedy series "Friends" has previously consented to the proposal of marriage of his longtime lover, writer-Director Justin Theroux. Young met on the set of the film "the Passion to change places," the affair lasted about a year. In June, the couple moved together by their love nest mansion actress. And here still Jennifer enthusiastically engaged in furnishing the family home. It is noteworthy that the couple decided to share it on the female and male halves.Recently, the paparazzi managed to shoot a couple, and the object of attention was the ring aniston, Theroux was presented to her as a token of love and fidelity. It turned out that it adorns vosmichastny diamond. According to experts, this is a very rare and expensive stone. It is emerald cut. Such work is particularly valued, because it requires high professionalism. The cost of the ring experts estimated at a million dollars.Meanwhile, all is not well in the relationship aniston and Theroux. Rumor has it that Justin decided to make Jennifer very strange gift, offering her to invite to the wedding of her ex-husband, Hollywood actor brad pitt and his civil wife angelina Jolie, reports StarHit. And if against the candidacy of brad and aniston had nothing against, it is possible to see angelina on their wedding day Jen flatly refused and even gave the groom a wild scandal.Apparently, aniston still haunt scathing words of Angelina when she called Jennifer a neurotic. Moreover, Jolie competently stated that Jen will destroy your marriage with Theroux and it's only a matter of time. Add fuel to the fire and foreign media reports that aniston literally puts Justin under the knife of a plastic surgeon - she allegedly did not like the nose of her beloved, whom she subconsciously compares with former husband, the handsome brad pitt. Source: aniston gave the groom a scandal because of a failed surprise.

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