`Ralph` was named best feature-length cartoon,

`Ralph` was named best feature-length cartoon,Tape Disney "Ralph" ("Wreck-It Ralph") and won five awards "Annie" (Annie Award). Full list of winners can be viewed on the official website of the awards."Ralph" was named best feature-length animated film of the year. In addition, the ribbon was awarded for best Director (production did rich Moore, previously participated in the work on the series "Futurama" and "the Simpsons"), the music, the voice acting of the character (in this category "Annie" received actor Alan Tudyk) and the script.Cartoon "Ralph" talks about the negative character of old video games, decided to retrain as a positive hero. The tape was released in November 2012."Annie" - the main American award in the field of animated film. It was established in 1972. 40th ceremony of "Annie" held in Los Angeles on 2 February 2013.Last year the prize "Annie" in the category "Best animated feature" has received the work of Gore Verbinski "Rango" ("Rango"). Later, the film won an Oscar in the same category. Source: "Ralph" was named best feature-length cartoon,.

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