Kristen Stewart will play in the sequel to `Snow white`

Kristen Stewart will play in the sequel to `Snow white`Kristen Stewart has signed a contract to take part in the filming of the sequel, "Snow white and the huntsman". This publication reports Radar Online.It is also alleged that the Director of the first film's Director Rupert Sanders, who tied with Stewart more than a friendly relationship, not the Director of the sequel. Scenario picture is ready, and shooting should begin in the first half of 2013.Note that in the beginning, when it became known about the affair Stewart and Sanders, Universal planned to make a spin-off, the plot is focusing on the Hunter, not the snow. However, after the successful resolution of the conflict, apparently, had made a different decision.The film "snow white and the huntsman" flopped at the U.S. box office and barely paid off at the expense of international. Source: Kristen Stewart will play in the sequel to "Snow white"".

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