Tatyana Kotova was caught in a strange occupation

Tatyana Kotova was caught in a strange occupationTatiana Kotova, recently delighted fans with their songs and beautiful forms from the TV screens in the group "VIA Gra" was caught in a sticky situation. The winner of the title "Miss Russia 2006" in the media reveals the secrets of her beautiful figure, beauty and a healthy diet.Beauty caught in the Sheremetyevo airport while waiting for flight of the aircraft. Surrounding passengers were horrified to see that beyond the television screen Tatyana Kotova drinking beer, and from the neck, and jammed this alcoholic calorie drink fried potato chips. Probably, Tatiana thought in modest clothing and dark glasses nobody knows but the beauty Queen learned of her fans, just caught in the airport.The company Tatiana in such a snack on the move amounted dancers from her show-ballet. But recently the singer was slender and graceful. The weight she had gained quite rapidly and, judging by the photos, is guilty of wrong food. Source: Tatyana Kotova was caught in a strange occupation.

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