`Adult` film debuts of stars

`Adult` film debuts of stars Popularity doesn't come from nowhere. Anyway, before the Internet and reality shows. Early in his career many stars had to accept any, even the most menial jobs to make the ends meet and not to die of hunger on the way to the coveted glory.Some washed the dishes, while others worked as waiters, and others starred in the third film, including in pornography. Sylvester Stallone, Jackie Chan, Cameron Diaz - in reputation every one of them has a dark spot called porn.Before becoming invincible rocky, Sylvester Stallone was a poor guy who had to support his family. The sacrifices will not go for a good cause, here's sly and agreed to the ridiculous, but very funny role in a pornographic film "Italian stallion" (also known as "the Party at kitty and stud", 1970), for which he paid only $ 200. In the story of kitty and Stud's (Stallone) - a couple of lovers, who love sex and are happy to experiment, not limiting themselves in carnal pleasures. Frankly, the modern viewer, this picture will not cause anything but laughter, but probably in the ' 70s painting was popular. To the shame Stallone, when he became famous, the creators of "the Italian stallion" was re-released the film to get a good to earn money for a big name actor for the main role.Before Cameron Diaz was cast in the movie "Mask" with which she began her career in Hollywood, she worked as a model and did not disdain to appear in explicit photo shoots, including, and in the Nude. Moreover, she even starred in a light bdsm porn, which appeared in the form of aggressive mistress in latex, smagala chained guy in some abandoned factory. Later, the author of this fetishistic masterpiece blackmailed Cam, extorting her for money for all copies of the film, but she did not budge and went to court. At the moment the fate of the film is unknown, but to find the net this record will be very difficult.Not so long ago this man was responsible for one of the most prosperous States of the USA. But before becoming Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger became famous for his roles in action movies, and even earlier, in the distant 1970, he received the first portion of the recognition, becoming Mr. Olympia in his native Austria. Now, just at that time a young Arnie KACHOK posed in the Nude famous photographer Robert Mapplethorp, famous for its frankly pornographic works with obvious homosexual overtones. Meanwhile in films for adults Schwarzenegger also lit up, though not by choice. His friend helped to make the movie with Arnie, hauled iron during training, was in gay porn.Helen Mirren received the "Oscar" for the role of the British Queen, because to represent it in the way slutty girls very difficult. However, in the filmography of the actress in the film, which she hardly proud of - "Caligula" (1979). Despite the fact that the story of the depraved Roman Emperor called the most scandalous kinetogram of the twentieth century, it certainly cannot be classified as porn. However, on the dresser the film-makers definitely saved. In most scenes, Helen, however, as the other actors, it cost a minimum of clothing, portraying lust no worse than any professional porn actress.Jackie Chan also had hard times when he was just starting to take the first steps in cinema. So, in 1975, he starred Hong Kong porn Comedy "All in the family" where he got the role depraved rickshaws. Of course, if Chan did not become famous, this film would have sunk into Oblivion, but the muckraking journalists found him and led the actor to publicly confess the sins of his youth. Talking about his bad porn experience, Jackie admitted that he did not regret about it:"In my youth I had to take any job to earn their daily bread. But I don't think I was doing something wrong, because even Marlon Brando got naked in a movie. At the time, porn was much more modest than it is now, " admitted Jackie Chan.".

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