Dina Garipova sang at Eurovision

Dina Garipova sang at EurovisionThis year at the Eurovision song contest -2013 our country is the winner of "the Voice" the inhabitant of Tatarstan singer Dina Garipova. Some time ago Dina Garipova came on the scene malmö arena and sang the song What If specially written for her for this competition. Experts, music critics and journalists who attended the speech said that Dina Garipova showed impressive vocal and professionally sang the song. In the interview Dean gave before the performance, she admitted that she worried and nervous, but it is performance ready and waiting for its release with impatience.In the Swedish city of malmö Dina Garipova came with his mother to support and inspire her daughter during rehearsals and during the final on-stage performance. In rehearsal Dina Garipova appeared before a small audience in an orange dress to the floor. In response to questions from journalists, she said that this dress is not its formal concert attire, but dress for the final performance will be like on this dress.Journalists were able to watch the Russian representatives at the contest. Together with Dina song What If perform four backing singer. During the performance the stage was decorated with white balloons. The first part of the song Dina Garipova performs in the shadows, but in the second half of the scene is lit by a bright color. A group of singers moved to the center of the stage and stand next to the soloist. The end rooms are decorated with original action when singers release balloons in free flight and they soar to the ceiling of the stage.According to eyewitnesses rehearsal Dina Garipova, her statement had had a strong impression both in terms of vocal skill and in terms of emotional impact. We wish our compatriot only victory at the international Eurovision song contest 2013. Source: Dina Garipova sang at Eurovision.

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