Kristina Orbakaite baptized his daughter Claudia

Kristina Orbakaite baptized his daughter ClaudiaPopular singer Kristina Orbakaite baptized his daughter Claudia. The event was attended by close friends and relatives of the family. Interestingly, the little girl accepted the Catholic faith.The christening was held in the evening of 10 December in Moscow parish of the Roman Catholic Church of the Holy apostles Peter and Paul. The ceremony was performed by the rector, priest Igor Kovalevsky.During sacrament in the Church was attended by only the closest Christina: her husband Mikhail Zemtsov, his parents: mom Valentine Zemtsova and dad Michael Feinberg, Alla Pugacheva with her husband Maxim Galkin, dad Christine Mykolas ORBacus with his wife Marina and son Fabian and closest friends, the website of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda". So, the ceremony was seen Philip, who brought a huge bouquet of white roses.Godparents were Alla Pugacheva and half-brother of Christina Orbakaite Fabian. After the ceremony the happy family and their family went to celebrate a happy event, the report from which Christina made herself and posted on the microblog.The actress posted several photographs posing at the table with her husband Michael, holding in his arms the Clave. In another photo Orbakaite captured a birthday cake with the initial daughter, and the third picture shows Christine with Michael cut the cake together, next to them leaned over the delicacy of Alla Pugacheva.Note that all three children of Christina Orbakaite different religion. The eldest son Nikita Presnyakov Orthodox Christians, the middle son of Denis Baysarov - Islam and now Junior Claudia converted to Catholicism. Interestingly, the husband of Christine Mikhail Zemtsov is Orthodox, however, decided wife to baptize the daughter of another branch of Christianity.Recall, Kristina Orbakaite gave birth to her third child on March 30 in Miami. Claudia M. Zemtsov was born weighing 3739 grams and 56 centimeters. But the popular singer soon declared that is not going to sit in the decree: summer artist began touring tour. Source: Kristina Orbakaite baptized his daughter Claudia.

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