Pugachev pleased with the new songs (video)

Pugachev pleased with the new songs (video)The prima Donna of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva has delighted his many fans by returning to the stage. For the sake of their fans, and just all lovers of good music artist has announced a moratorium on the end of his career and sang in "Olympic" his new songs."No, I'm not coming back," commented the Diva your way to the stage. "I always said that was only stopped touring, and singing - no. Because for me singing is not a job, not a routine, not an end in itself, this impulse of the soul. And in "Christmas meetings" I couldn't sing. Had songs that fit today and the concept that I wanted to reveal in the "Christmas meetings", and I thought, "why not?".The singer has always sought to please the audience. So to speak in their own musical show invited Philip Kirkorov, Kristina Orbakaite, lolita, Denis maidanova, Jeanne Aguzarova, Boris Moiseyev, Katie a Topuria and other talented performers. However, we must pay tribute to the Diva - her return to the stage was spectacular and unforgettable.And it's not even that Pugachev was amazing. Visibly rejuvenated and postroynevshaya, Alla Borisovna has changed for the two evening attire. She appeared in a black mini, demonstrated long legs and hourglass figure. Another her dress was long, sexy dress, which she really was, making like the good fairy from a fairy tale.But when Pugacheva sang, it became clear: even if she hadn't gathered all the performers on the big stage, enough one her and her songs, so as not to disappoint a large audience. Alla sang only five songs, four of which are new. Fifth is the song "You could be my destiny" from the movie "the Woman who sings". It gives you shivers and tears, despite the fact that the prima Donna sang it many times.However, new songs are completely different in style, what brought out the Diva in an unexpected way. Her voice began to play with new colors.One of the songs with the poetic name "Where are you, love" has a sharp social orientation. The song was accompanied by photographs from war zones, faces of Christ, pictures of the unfortunate and disadvantaged children and adults who have lost the most precious thing they had, and will ever be their loved ones. Artist his music urged all to reflect on how we live and the need to change ourselves and change the world for the better, cleaning up his suffering and sorrow, love and be kinder to each other.Source: Pugachev pleased with the new songs (video).

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