George Clooney is slowly dying due to exotic disease

George Clooney is slowly dying due to exotic diseaseHollywood actor George Clooney is slowly dying due to exotic diseases. According to the artist, he left to live.According to George, he is not suitable for family life or for procreation - and it's not that he formed a bachelor. The actor insists that he was suffering from various life threatening diseases that are slowly killing him, according to "Express newspaper".In particular, Clooney suffers from severe and recurring attacks of malaria. Affliction delivers the 51-year-old Hollywood macho much suffering. This disease he contracted during a humanitarian mission in Africa. In early January 2011, the representative of the delegation of the leaders of the UN, the actor visited the Sudan.The delegation went to the "hot spot" in order to maintain the historic referendum on independence. However, this trip ended for Clooney is very sad, as the actor had contracted malaria.For the first time about the disease George told the audience at the end of January in the program of British journalist Piers Morgan. After air Morgan added that the actor is taking all prescribed medication, but feeling well".This is not the first acquaintance of the actor with a terrible disease. In 2006, during another charity trip to Darfur Clooney was given the diagnosis of "malaria", but it later emerged that he had blood poisoning.It is worth noting that malaria is really a potentially fatal disease. The disease is spread through the bites of mosquitoes, the disease is accompanied by anemia, fever, fever. Especially malaria is prevalent in tropical and subtropical regions. Source: George Clooney is slowly dying due to exotic disease.

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