Nicole Kidman appeared at the DuJour magazine

Nicole Kidman appeared at the DuJour magazine Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman starred in a new photo shoot for the winter issue of DuJour magazine.The magazine 45-year-old movie star had demonstrated their impeccable beauty, and in a candid interview with DuJour asked a very painful subject of divorce with Tom cruise."I was madly in love and lost my head," says the actress, " I would have followed him to the edge of the earth. I was too emotional and naive. We were in a bubble, just him and me. Over time we have become too dependent of each other. It seemed to me that our life together is perfect... it took Me a long time to heal from this relationship and relive the pain. Divorce was a real shock for the whole of my body".Nicole added that just now, freed from the past, she felt truly happy."I'm happy now... I've never been so happy in my life," confessed the actress, " I have a family. A true family. My whole life changed after I met Keith (husband of actress - approx. edition). He is a wonderful, caring man. With him I feel secure and don't want to leave for a minute. He and my children make me happy." Source: Nicole Kidman appeared in DuJour magazine (photos).

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