7 February comes the animated film `the Suicide Shop`

7 February comes the animated film `the Suicide Shop`Cartoon with a budget of over 12 million tells about the life of a town where people are so dull and unhappy life, and want to commit suicide.For this the city even runs a special shop that will provide the most complete set of tools to quickly depart to another world. There are a variety of poisons (like instant action and protracted to suffer a little longer), knives, guns, rope and soap, as well as tools for more sophisticated departure from life. From customers no end.But the mistress of the shop of suicides baby is born, which, unlike all others, cheerful and funny and spoils the whole business...During the film festival in Cannes, the Director gave a very brief interview:"On the posters of my work is represented by the words: "Your life is a complete failure, die!" This is not a justification of suicide and bullying. This is the order of things is a story about the crisis in the society in which people have lost the taste for life. Then there is a cheerful boy Alan, he's only 8 years old, but he can dispel all this sadness and people will regain interest in life. That is, it's such a modern fairy tale, reflecting the development of our society. I really like" the Director says.The budget of the movie is 12 million euros, which is quite much for animation, but considering the international cooperation, it is possible to call this number reasonable. Expenses could be greater, but the creators of saved by language: all of the participants are French-speaking, so the authors, artists, technicians spoke the same language, literally and figuratively. Source: February 7, exits the cartoon "the Suicide Shop"".

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