In Moscow opened the Biennale " Fashion and style in photography 2013`

In Moscow opened the Biennale International Biennale "Fashion and style in photography 2013" opened on Thursday in Moscow.This year the show, held for the eighth time, has his own "French accent" is one of the main projects was the exhibition "This is Paris!", and in the schedule of many exhibitions of French photographers, ITAR-TASS reported.In total for three months of the Biennale, viewers will see more than 70 exhibitions that will be held at Central venues, including in the "Manege", the cultural Foundation "Ekaterina", Moscow Museum of modern art, the gallery of arts Zurab Tsereteli, the Cervantes Institute.The main center of attraction will be the Moscow Multimedia Art Museum (MAMM) on Ostozhenka, which on Thursday for the General public opened several "trendy and stylish" exposures.According to the Director of MAMMA Olga Sviblova, "this year, the Biennale has a theme - "Beauty: myths and sources of inspiration." "Fashion is a division of rapid response, it shows how time changes how changing ideas about the ideal of beauty. Picking up the program, we would like to see the exhibition were analyzed by different aesthetic systems, and above all the aesthetics of modernism," said she. Sviblova said that, apart from the overall theme of the show and the General direction of France. "We have a lot of exhibitions of French authors or about France, and this is not surprising: because this country is often dictated fashion to everyone else, including photographs," said the Museum's Director.Its aesthetics and demonstrate understanding of beauty through their works recognized as classics, and students. One of the major exhibitions, the organizers of which was the Moscow government, Moscow Department of culture, was the exhibition "This is Paris! Modernism in photography 1920 - 1950".It works from the collection of the Centre Pompidou, which bought it in 2011 from a collector, gallerist, critic Christian bukre. In this collection of the work of BrassaГЇ, Cartier-Bresson, Leger and many others. Small streets of the city, portraits of Parisian women, the Eiffel tower, cafes, people - hundreds of people - each author Paris your."Heroes of their time" recorded through the camera of renowned photographer of the twentieth century, August sander. He worked for many years on a project called "People of the twentieth century", which presents portraits of friends of the photographer. People of different professions - artists, bakers, students, secretaries, radio hosts and people who are without jobs. The author wanted his project to show that everyone can become a hero and that people are equal.Among the "star" projects, which visitors will see the Biennale, the work of Patrick Demarchelier, Peter Lindbergh, Ellen von Unwerth. The anticipated event will be the Russian premiere of" project "Portraits" of Vera lehndorff, known as Veruschka. Legendary model will arrive in Moscow and will open the exhibition.The first festival "Fashion and style in photography" was held in Moscow in 1998 and came to a crisis. "Despite difficult times, we conducted a review, and although it turned out to be small, was very successful, attended by thousands of spectators. Such success then all our festivals. I hope this time the exhibition will appeal already become over the years a sophisticated Russian audience", said Olga Sviblova. Source: opened In Moscow Biennale "Fashion and style in photography 2013"".

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