Danila Kozlovsky and Julia Snigir went out together into the light

Danila Kozlovsky and Julia Snigir went out together into the lightPopular actors Danila Kozlovsky and Julia Snigir were published together, appearing at the premiere of the new film. Thus artists only fueled interest in the information, which a passionate affair between them.Yesterday in Moscow the premiere of the next part of the adventures of John McCain, the hero of the movie "die hard". This time in the film was attended by Russian actress Yulia Snigir, who played the main enemy of Bruce Willis. The premiere took place in Moscow cinema "October" on the red carpet which was marked by many local celebrities, such as actor and Director Fyodor Bondarchuk, a couple Oksana Fandera and Philip Jankowski, Grigoriy Dobrygin, Olesya Sudzilovskaya, Alexander Strizhenov with her daughter Sasha and many others.However, the General attention of the press and many fans attracted Julia Snigir. And it's not just that the actress starred in a Hollywood blockbuster, but still paired with the star of world size, and the fact that Julia came to the premiere accompanied by another famous actor Danila Kozlovsky. The actor for the film has nothing but rumors that two people, Mary and Julia passionate affair, only confirmed.At the premiere of the actors touching, holding hands, and Kozlowski threw for companion unequivocal love the look. When the couple went to the cinema, Daniel gently touched the waist of Yulia. Snigir have selected for publication a short white dress-tuxedo with a black top, tight black tights and shoes. Hair Julia chose to disband. Of course, this pair was the most beautiful and attractive. Although Snigir gladly gave out an interview about the filming process, about his personal life, the actress kept it.Recall, the information that between Danila Kozlovsky and Julia Snigir novel, appeared a few days ago. The relationship between young people so serious that 29-year-old actress is ready for her lover to give up some tempting offers in Hollywood that fell after her role in the movie "die hard. A good day to die".Moreover, once Snigir have some free time, she flies to St. Petersburg, where Kozlowski is in the Maly drama theatre of the lion of Dodin. For example, the Christmas holidays the pair met together. About the relationship of artists known only to a narrow circle. Snigir Kozlowski and don't want to advertise my novel. Friends of the actor is officially Julia as his girlfriend. The spark between Kozlowski and Snigir slipped in St. Petersburg on the set of a historical drama by French Director josГ©e Dayan "Rasputin". Source: Danila Kozlovsky and Julia Snigir went out together into the light.

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