Jason Clarke will play in `the Sunset of the planet of the apes`

Jason Clarke will play in `the Sunset of the planet of the apes`Australian actor Jason Clarke will star in the sequel of "Rise of the planet of the apes 2011. The Director will be a sequel Matt Reeves. About it reports The Hollywood Reporter.The film "the Sunset of the planet of the apes" will focus on the events that took place 15 years after those described in "Rebellion" in which the main role was played by James Franco. Picture on one side will talk about the group of scientists trying to survive in San Francisco, on the other intelligent APE Caesar to fight for the preservation of power over his Kingdom.It is unclear who exactly will play Clark. In the role of Caesar, as in the first part, will star Andy Serkis. Peter Chernin, Dylan Clarke, Amanda silver and Rick Jaffa will be the producers of the film (the latter two wrote the script of the first part of the picture). The author of the history of the "Sunset" will be the mark Bomback ("24", "Unmanaged", "total Recall"). Filming will begin in spring 2013.Matt Reeves is an American screenwriter, producer and Director, best known for the films "Cloverfield" and "Let me in. Saga". Among the last works of Jason Clarke - "The drunk district in the world" and "johnny D.". In 2013, the screens will show the film "the Great Gatsby" starring himself. However, it is believed that her role in "zero dark thirty", nominated for five Academy awards, actor opened the way to Hollywood.Ceremony Academy awards will be held on 28 February 2013. Source: Jason Clarke will play in the Dusk of the planet of the apes.

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