Malinovskaya posing in the bathroom in underwear

Malinovskaya posing in the bathroom in underwearPopular TV presenter Masha Malinovskaya decided to please its many fans. She posted on her Facebook page a provocative photo on which poses only in her underwear.Masha Malinovskaya decided to fool around a bit. On his page in Instagram popular TV presenter posted a photo where she demonstrates markedly postalnews figure. Malinovskaya after birth for quite a long time was a girl in the body, but took himself, paid attention to the sport and healthy eating, and the result has bragged in front of fans."Long time no @Basile toilet bows....)))))" - mischievously said the TV presenter. Cherished picture glamorous blonde posing against a white tiled walls and black doors. It is nothing but delicate underwear, light, small figure. Hair TV presenter dismissed the shoulders, while wearing a couple of bracelets.Many fans Malinovskaya immediately in all keys began to extol its changed for the better figure, and some even noted that, most likely, the reason for such intensive work over a lies in her new relationship.Recall that 31-year-old Masha Malinovskaya not so long ago announced his affair with 23-year-old striker from CSKA Ruben Bagunca. The pair met on the Internet after the hockey player and the leader started a correspondence in one of the social networks. The first contact Ruben went, and after a few days the guy persuaded the Malinowska on a first date.In a recent interview with the TV presenter said: "Ruben is a good guy, I was with him interesting, but will come out of our conversation something bigger, I'm guessing not in a hurry. Need to get to know each other and we have so much in common time: I from morning till evening disappears on the set, Reuben too busy career. Of course, I want to meet a man who will love me and my child, which, though part of my worries take on their shoulders, because I'm terribly tired of carrying the load alone. But it will be for me the kind of man Ruben or will it be someone else - time will tell..." Source: Malinovskaya posing in the bathroom in underwear.

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