New song Pugacheva became the Manifesto of the singer (video)

New song Pugacheva became the Manifesto of the singer (video)Alla Pugacheva is not often pleases his fans with new songs. So unexpected was her performance of four new songs on "Christmas meetings".One of them - "Where are you, love" - can be called the Manifesto, which Pugachev turned to the audience. The authors of words and music to this song Inessa Kaminska and Igor Kornilov told the Days.Roux unusual about the fate of their works.Days.: How did it happen that Alla Pugacheva decided to sing your song?Inessa: I'll Start with the fact that the song "Where are you, love" was originally created not for Alla Borisovna. I wrote to Igor, who work with the composer and the performer. But when we learned that she wants to fulfill Pugacheva, it was a pleasant surprise.Igor: Before that I had the experience of cooperation with Alla Borisovna. And this time I also prepared a plate with a bunch of songs and made a demo version of his album, which was "Where are you, love." She even called differently-"Someone draws". Time passes and I get a call: "Congratulations, your songs like Pugacheva!" While not interested in the new songs, and the songs from the demo album. And the first time I heard the song "Where are you love" in her performance only on "Christmas meetings".Inessa: I'm glad Pugachev chose this song. She was and remains the star of the first magnitude of the national stage and it feels huge number of people.Days.: it Agree, the lyrics are unusual for our stage and repertoire Pugacheva.Inessa: I usually write lyrics for a ready-made music. I was pleased that Igor offered melody, not like the rest - not sweet, not pop, but a little tight, closer to the rock. This allowed me to move away from stereotypes and to pass on my personal experiences. I am very pleased that my emotions coincided with emotions Alla Borisovna, which she so earnestly conveyed through the song.The text was written out of desperation. I am a religious person and painfully stand that in a world of conflict and war on religious grounds. People can't come to an agreement. What is sacred and people should unite, it divides people. From lack of faith, people hate each other. The essence of all religions have in common - love. God is love, regardless of faith. And faith must unite.Unfortunately, people do not learn to love others, and love is the main thing. I often do not see the faults of people, rather, very, very tolerant of them belong, but always notice the "pros" person. Not able to deceive and manipulate people, because I try to live by the principle "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." To cheat I'm afraid, even in small things.I think we need more songs about true love, not that "someone someone wants." If people learn each other to love, to understand, to forgive, to appreciate, there will be no wars, no murders, no envy, no meanness. It is true, then our world will be called Paradise.... Yes, dreams!!!I tried to Express in the text. And well, if people hear and there will be more to think over it. Pugachev said very well before you sing the song: "he who Has ears, let them hear our revelations song about love, doubt, faith and faithlessness, hope...".

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