The state has returned the right to 400 Soviet films

The state has returned the right to 400 Soviet filmsGosteleradio won the rights to show Soviet films 410, which since 1995 illegally owned LLC "Screen century" and LLC "TRIST", reports RAPSI.The Supreme arbitration court (YOU) the Russian Federation on Tuesday confirmed the rights of the state television and radio Fund of Russia for hundreds of films, including "Seventeen moments of spring", "TASS is authorized to declare...", "the meeting Place cannot be changed", "Hello, I your aunt!", "The investigation leading experts", "the Green van". Gosteleradio went to court in November 2010 with the requirement to nullify an Agency agreement between LLC "Screen century" and LLC "CHRIST". According to this document, signed in 2007, LLC "Screen century" disposed of exclusive rights to films, LLC CHRIST" in a role of the agent is found and entered into with counterparties contracts for the acquisition of broadcast rights of these films.According to the plaintiff, LLC "Screen century" ordered the exclusive rights to works that had previously belonged to the state broadcasting organization "Ostankino", which ceased operations in December 1995. And in this case, the copyright shall become the property of the state. LLC "Screen century" is based on the fact that acquired the rights to a collection under contract with "Ostankino", concluded shortly before the dissolution of the organization in February 1995, but the Treaty of Gosteleradio also called illegal. It is noteworthy that in the report from 2007 LLC "Screen century" itself has recognized the competence of the Fund at the disposal of the exclusive rights.According to the plaintiff, the damage from illegal use of films can be estimated at about 100 million rubles a year, says "Kommersant". Justice of the state television and radio Fund has been able to achieve only after contacting YOU. Before the courts of three instances in the Moscow district dismissed the claim of the state television and radio Fund, deciding that the plaintiff has the right to dispose of only the tangible media on which the recorded TV movies, but not exclusive rights to them.As "questionable commercial structure," as they called LLC "Screen century" Deputy Director of the state television and radio Fund Igor Kunitsyn, managed to sign a contract with "Ostankino", can only be guessed. This issue, in particular, became interested in blogger Andrei Malgin, who published in his LiveJournal post titled "Scam of the century". According to civilian journalist, the signing of the Treaty of cession of rights on 14 February 1995, most likely, was not without benefits for those who are right handed."The Chairman of the TV company was at the time Alexander Yakovlev, but the sign was CEO. This was at the time a complete mess. Who was this day?" - asks the blogger. He also pointedly adds that the only founder In "the century" at that time was Alexander Golubev, and he sat at the same address as that of "Ostankino". Source: the State has returned the right to 400 Soviet films.

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