The capital will be forgiven with Oscar Feltsman (video)

The capital will be forgiven with Oscar Feltsman (video)Moscow will bid farewell on Wednesday with the people's artist of the RSFSR Oscar Feltsman. Civil funeral will begin at 11:00 in the House of composers, after "Patriarch of Russian song" will be buried at Novodevichy cemetery. To its 92 anniversary of Oscar B. he died only two weeks."A week ago I was talking to him on the phone and said that we will come to congratulate him on 18 February with the next birthday. Alas, he did not live to see this event," said friend and fellow composer Joseph Kobzon.He stressed that for him and other artists of Soviet songs Feltsman was an example of high musicality, creative imagination and a great, unique talent. "In my repertoire was a lot of songs Oscar Borisovich, including "the Ballad of colours", "the Return of romance" and others. Yes and you name it", - said the singer.Condolences to the family of Oscar Borisovich expressed by the first persons of the state, public and cultural figures. One of the first was Vladimir Putin. "I left the life of a prominent composer and melodist, the recognized Patriarch of the Russian musical art. Oscar Feltsman is no longer with us, but left his rich artistic heritage, remained good and bright the memory of this talented, charming, warm-hearted and generous man and a real wizard," said the Russian President.A huge loss for our whole culture called Babysitting Oscar Borisovich Deputy culture Minister Andrei Busygin. "Nothing is impossible to name. Hard to say," Busygin said, adding that from childhood familiar with the works of Feltsman.With the Deputy Minister of culture of the Russian Federation and agree the envoy of the Russian President for international cultural cooperation Mikhail Shvydkoi. "We are very good friends. Our friendship began when I was a Minister of culture, and continued until his last days. Of course, I've always appreciated in him amazing songwriting talent, because he was probably the last of the great era of Soviet songs. He was incredibly educated person received, how many great Soviet song books, Conservatoire education, well-oriented in the musical culture, he said. - He was an amazingly versatile - as a person and as a composer. Wrote the song to the end of his days and each time I was happy that they begin to sing and to love. Sure his songs will be sung after his death. And this is the main monument to the artist.".

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