The actors presented the Stanislavsky award (video)

The actors presented the Stanislavsky award (video)The main theatrical event of the year: in Moscow took place the presentation of the award of Stanislavsky.Although the current ceremony 17 th, the organizers called it the "jubilee" - it is timed to the 150th anniversary since the birth of the great Russian Director, actor, teacher and reformer of the theatre of Konstantin Stanislavsky.This award has a Stanislavsky's own "system". The ceremony will be held right in the lobby. First congratulations from colleagues. Conversations - about the great Konstantin Sergeyevich and his theory. Actor Sergei Yursky told how a teenager was reading the Stanislavsky before bedtime. It was worth it. Now received the award "For outstanding contribution to the development of Russian theater"."One of my favorite childhood books - "One life in art". Then I started reading all the volumes and there's already drowned, this is one of the best, most honest and inspiring books," recalls people's artist of Russia Sergei Yursky.Martin Wuttke in Russia called "theatrical actor number one in Germany." Homeland - is the only one who is so talented to play Russian. Wuttke was Raskolnikov and Myshkin, Stavrogin and Pontius Pilate. According to the actor, the film came in handy when he was getting into Hitler on the set of "Inglourious Basterds". Wuttke literally learned the diaries of Hitler."To receive the award in the nomination "For contribution to development of world theatre" a great honor for me. Every time I go on stage, I think: what would I? His technique is immortal and universal," - said the actor Martin Wuttke.The prestigious award Martin Wuttke shared with another foreigner, the Austrian Klaus Maria Brandauer. The actor jokes: the jury must have made a mistake by inviting him for a theatrical prize. Indeed, throughout the world know him for movie roles, such as Hendrik from Oscar-winning picture "Mephisto" istvГЎn szabГі.Three nominations, six winners. According to tradition, their names are not kept secret, and announce for a month and a half before the ceremony. Basically it's the 17th, but the organizers of the award of Stanislavsky called it "jubilee". Indeed, in 2013 it will be 150 years since the birth of the Creator of the famous theory of performing arts.However, to say that the winners of just six, not quite true, I'm sure the Director Rimas Tuminas. In a nomination "event of the season" winners under a hundred. For example, in his play "Marina" 50 "Vakhtangov" different generations. "Collective victory" all in the same category - a group of art historians. Headed by the Director of the Museum named after Bakhrushin Dmitry Rodionov they opened a Creative Studio theatre artist David Borovsky". This is Russia's first permanent exhibition devoted to the work of the legendary designer.The nature of the man means, and the winners of the award must also be men, joking jury member Konstantin Raikin. However, one woman in the list of winners was. Legendary Director and right hand of Anatoly Efros Nonna Segina. Gold brooch with painted Stanislavsky, paved with diamonds, she received a literary event - the publication of a two-volume collection of documents on the productions of "Three sisters" and "the Seagull." They outlined the entire history of Russian theater, whole Efros and all the film critics say.In the hall and on stage, the atmosphere of the party. Jokes, history of theatrical life, endless congratulations. This is the peculiarity of this award from many others, noticed Konstantin Raikin. Everyone who comes out to the audience, mentally ask yourself the question - would say Stanislavsky, looking at him: "Believe!".Source: the Actors presented the Stanislavsky award (video).

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