Goldie hawn regained youth through yoga

Goldie hawn regained youth through yoga While Hollywood Actresses chasing youthfulness of the face, a 67-year-old star Goldie hawn concerned about their health in General. The other day the paparazzi took a picture of mom Kate Hudson during the walk - Goldie was sitting on a bench, tucked under her shapely legs, and enjoyed a hot drink.Seeing the photographers, the actress smiled and began to wave his hand and even blew a kiss. Good mood is included in its programme for the conservation of youth.Most recently, the star told us that keeps himself in shape with yoga, Pilates and meditation every day. In addition, hawn tries to stick to a healthy diet and believes that it helps her keep youth and beauty.In addition, the actress assured that the feeling of happiness and inner joy is essential to maintaining good form. "My kids look at me and say, "Mom, you're so lucky!". And I really feel happy. I am very happy and can't explain it," she shared. Source: Goldie hawn regained youth through yoga (photos).

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