A sculpture by Henry Moore failed to save from the sale

A sculpture by Henry Moore failed to save from the saleThe Council of tower Hamlets (East End), despite the protests of British artists, made the decision on the sale of his sculpture Henry Moore's "Draped seated woman, 1957.According to BBC News, the local authorities said that he regretted the forced solution, but not going to cancel it.The head of the district Lutfur Raman, according to The Guardian, said that the sculpture will sell because of severe budget cuts, not allowing to contain art facility in proper condition. In addition, Raman noted that the authorities should be accountable to the residents of the area who can't suffer for that in the next three years the budget will lose about one hundred million pounds.Against the sale of works of art worth $ 32 million made, in particular, directed by Danny Boyle and Director of the Tate gallery, Nicholas Serota. According to the newspaper, was drawn up the petition with a request to find another location for the sculpture, which had been signed by about 1.5 thousand people.Opponents of the actions of the authorities mainly drew attention to the fact that the sale is contrary to the principles of the Moore, who wanted his work has been exhibited in a public space and could see as many people as possible. He sold "Draped seated woman" London is significantly below market value (six thousand pounds). Together with a couple of other works they were intended to new areas and cities that emerged after the Second world war.After the Council of tower Hamlets has announced plans to sell the work, the willingness to put its stated in the Museum of London and Queen Mary College, but their proposals were rejected. The decision to sell "Women", which is part of the history of the British capital, also condemned the Henry Moore Foundation"Draped seated woman", made of bronze, weighing half a ton was put in a quarter of Stepney in 1962, where it stood until 1997. There is the work of a prominent British sculpture than once attacked by vandals, resulting in her was moved to the Yorkshire sculpture Park. Source: the Sculpture of Henry Moore failed to save from the sale.

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