Ulitskaya is asked to be removed from school program

Ulitskaya is asked to be removed from school programMembers of the Public chamber of Russia signed a letter addressed to the Minister of education Dmitry Livanov with a request to revise the list of books, recommended reading for students of 10-11 grades.It noted that the works Ulitskaya Pelevin and should be excluded from the list of recommended students of literature."As for Ulitskaya and Pelevin, how do they relate to schooling - not at all! Ulitskaya and Pelevin is an essential attribute of the lifestyle, against which we all struggle: drugs, abortion, "take everything from life" - all this propaganda of depravity, in fact, the degradation of our youth," said on the air of "Russian news service" member of the Public chamber, President of the Foundation for the heritage of Stolypin Paul Pozhigailo. In his words, "to change Leskov and on Kuprin Pelevin and Ulitskaya is blasphemy".Their position was explained by the fact that in the first part of the book "the plot is based on the use of drugs, and the second around the issue of abortion". According to the authors of the letter, the new bibliography is a "professional mistake that needs to be urgently corrected." "To offer students read the book by L. Ulitskaya "the Case kukotsky" part of the plot is built around the issue of abortion, in V. Pelevin's "Generation "P" on the use of drugs. Not referring to the evaluation of their work, it is evident that these works are inappropriate for school education and prepared the bibliography is a professional error that you need to correct immediately," - said in the letter, which was circulated by the press service of the Public chamber of Russia.As written, the Days., an educational standard in the literature, testing begins in 2013, was at the center of criticism after the education Ministry and the Russian Academy of education decided that in high school you need to pass Lyudmila Ulitskaya and Victor Pelevin.In the basic list of authors is no more Alexander Kuprin, Nikolay Leskova, and Alexei Tolstoy. From Sholokhov "the quiet don" now you can know only "selected chapters". From the program disappear "the bronze horseman" by Alexander Pushkin, "the novel" by Nikolai Gogol, Chekhov's stories "Student", "Man in a case", "the lady with the dog" and "Odessa stories" by Isaac Babel. All of these texts became the property of in-depth study of literature.While in the school curriculum suggested novel "Generation P "by Victor Pelevin and "the Case kukotsky" Lyudmila Ulitskaya. Also, students will get acquainted with works of science fiction writer Sergey Lukyanenko, the poet of ACAP Eppele, writers, Vladimir Makanin's, Yury Dombrovsky. Source: Ulitskaya asked to be removed from school program.

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