The singer Gaitana flew to the United Arab Emirates

The singer Gaitana flew to the United Arab Emirates From the capital cold of gaitГЎn ran away in the warm Emirates to relax and at the same time to make a new video. On the first day of your stay in RAS al Khaimah star has mastered the technique of flying an airplane. According to the singer, she was very afraid to fly, but decided to overcome the fear."I was strongly dissuaded from this risky behavior, but I felt that I could cope, especially because I was taught by a very experienced pilot, who was able to inspire confidence. It felt the confidence, strength, temperament, next to him I felt no fear, only harmony and joy," says Gaitan.Producer and husband Gaitana Eduard Klim failed to see the first solo flight Gaitana, as it remained in Ukraine. According to the artist, she plans to hold in RAS al Khaimah two weeks.We will remind, recently Gaitan announced that marries Edward Klima. The couple decided to formalize the relationship and hold a wedding ceremony abroad. Source: Singer Gaitana flew to the United Arab Emirates (photo).

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