Soviet composer Oscar Feltsman died in intensive care

Soviet composer Oscar Feltsman died in intensive careSoviet and Russian composer, author of "Lilies" and "you're the only pebble on the beach" died in the resuscitation Department of the Central clinical hospital named after Semashko in Moscow. Oscar Feltsman was 91 a year.Oscar Feltsman has not lived up to his birthday less than two weeks. As reported by his friend and colleague Joseph Kobzon, recently Oscar B. "was not feeling well and was under treatment at the Central clinical hospital". "A week ago I was talking to him on the phone and said that we will come to congratulate him on 18 February with the next birthday. Alas, he did not live to see this event," said Kobzon.He stressed that for him and other artists of Soviet songs Feltsman was "an example of high musicality, creative imagination and excellent unique talent." "In my repertoire was a lot of songs Oscar Borisovich, including "the Ballad of colours", "the Return of romance"... Yes and you name it" - quoted Kobzon ITAR-TASS.Words of condolences for the death of people's artist of Russia Oscar Feltsman was expressed by the Chairman of the Union of composers of Russia Vladislav Kazenin. He said that the death of Feltsman - "an irreparable loss to our musical culture". "It can rightly be called the great Patriotic musician with equal success worked in all genres of music. I am sure that the composer's work will forever occupy a worthy place in the history of our culture," said the Kazenin.His first piano piece Feltsman wrote when he was only six years old, 20 have already written for the Philharmonic and theater productions. Popularly known composer brought Lily of the valley. Song 1957, written on the poetry of Olga Fadeyeva and first performed by Helena Velikanova, instantly became a hit.Fame also won such songs past", as "my Black sea", "Danubian Garland", "Never", "Huge sky", "Peace be to thine house," his song cycles on the poems of Rasul Gamzatov "With love to woman", "This is us". And Oscar B. known as the author of many operettas, such as "Let the guitar plays", "Charley's Aunt", "the Oratorio" and other compositions in different musical genres. Songs Feltsman performed almost all the stars of Soviet music, ranging from Leonid Utesov and Mark Bernes and ending Muslim Magomayev, editeu the EHA and Lev Leshchenko. Source: Soviet composer Oscar Feltsman died in intensive care.

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