TV presenter Michael Schatz resigned CTC

TV presenter Michael Schatz resigned CTCTV presenter Michael Schatz left of STS. He reported on his page in the network Facebook, attaching photos of the work book and signed: "To freedom with a clear conscience". After the husband left channel and Tatyana Lazareva.Spouse Schatz, who along with him he led a program "Good jokes", on his page on the social network wrote: "Two middle-aged unemployed TV presenters, business, but with addictions, half-Russian half-Jewish, registered in Moscow, burdened with three children to think about their future life. Federal channels do not offer. Decency and cleanliness guarantee".Schatz worked on the STS TV channel since 2004. He not only led the comic program "Good jokes", "Thank God you came" and "Casual relationships", but also was the producer of special projects.Recently the TV presenter took an active part in public life. Together with his wife Michael Schatz joined the coordinating Council of the opposition on the civil list.The official reason for the dismissal, the TV presenter was the termination of the employment contract. The newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" Schatz said: "the Channel could extend the contract in a different format, but do not want to. Was no clear understanding on how to proceed. Therefore, the proposal not to renew the contract I agreed". According to the broadcaster, the dismissal occurred, rather, by mutual consent.He also stated that he would not associate his dismissal with his social activities. "You saw my page work book. There is no such language was "dismissed due to opposition activities". And I'm not going to link," Schatz said in an interview.Tatiana Lazareva, in turn, told "Interfax": "My transfer to STS in the new year. Where I can appear, is difficult to say. Need to celebrate the new year. Well, what I wrote on Facebook, "of course, largely a joke".Meanwhile, TV presenter Olga Bakushinsky, which itself was not so long ago was fired from the channel "TV Center", writes in his blog that not surprised by the dismissal of Schatz. According to the presenter, it is associated with the social activity of her colleagues: "on the one hand, the wording even in labour are the same. With another, it is sad... it's plainly obvious that Michael was fired for his opposition activities".In December last year, the intention to retire with CCC said the famous TV presenter, member of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation Tina Kandelaki. The reason for this decision was the scandal that erupted around the post Michael Schatz in Facebook. TV presenter accused his colleague of provocation. According to him, Kandelaki discussed with the guide channel part of the Schatz and his wife in the filming of "questionable videos", calling on all citizens to join the protest actions. Then Kandelaki said that her colleague had deliberately slandered her. Source: TV Presenter Michael Schatz resigned CTC.

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