Press graciously accepted the Khlebnikov's film at the Berlinale

Press graciously accepted the Khlebnikov's film at the BerlinaleThe press responds favorably about the film by Boris Khlebnikov's "a Long and happy life", shown in competition of the 63rd Berlin film festival, reports "Interfax".The influential American newspaper the Hollywood Reporter notes the camera work of Pavel Kostomarov (already have a Silver bear for cinematography in the film "How I ended this summer"). "Filmed on a Russian camera, the film boasts high aestheticism," writes the magazine.The author of the review drew attention to the fact that the authors promise more than the result show. "Subtle tragedy is ultimately weaker than those of volcanic passions, which at first tries to call" - emphasizes the log.The author also coffee review accuses the authors in the artificiality of the ending. "Bloody ending seems contrived care in the Western genre, although he started the film in a different way", says the critic.Influential American newsreel Screen notes game by starring Alexander Yatsenko. "Discreet Alexander Yatsenko shows not demanded in modern times, the archetype is sincere and wide, he could be the leading actor of Soviet realist dramas of the past, and although the film shows that this type is doomed to extinction," says the author Screen.The publication notes that the film Khlebnikov - a portrait of modern Russia. "This is a short, dark film, realist fable about what hard times for an honest man in modern Russia", - stated in the review.Rossiyskaya Gazeta, in turn, reports that at a press conference the crew of the excitement was not. Journalists interested in the title: why "Long happy life" if, in the film, it's short and unhappy? With this, the Director disagreed and reminded of the existence of such a beast, how ironic. Asked about related, as it seemed, a film by Sergei Loznitsa my joy is in the title is also marked with happiness, when all around unhappiness. Khlebnikov protested vigorously: from his point of view, Loznitsa film is about people who frighten Director, "our film about the people we understand and love".As told Khlebnikov, as the crew was removed from Moscow with her mobilnim shops, in front of her opened deep sad picture of Russia: abandoned villages, lands that have no owners and the future. Interesting detail: the sound of the movie was filming in the village and then filled the soundtrack of "country sounds" from the library: the mooing of cows, the chickens cackle, cackle of geese... "Listen to - something! says Khlebnikov. - Not the background sound that accompanied our lives there. Removed all the animals from soundtrack - it became like. In Russian villages, none of this is long gone - she's dead.".

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