Oksana Fedorova has changed his name

Oksana Fedorova has changed his nameBeautiful model and TV presenter, who this year first became a mother, got a new passport in which they now Oksana Borodina.Oksana repeatedly said that after marriage will officially change my name, but it happened just now. And not surprising, because after the marriage ceremony, which took place in the summer of 2011 and was a secret because the spouse of the model Andrei Borodin, who is a senior person, she was not up to it - Fedorova became pregnant.In March 2012 she gave birth to her first child - son Fedor. The next six months, the young mother was fully dedicated to baby. However, and about his promise to her husband, she also did not forget. And finally, a few days ago Fedorova got my hands on the passport, which means that from now on she - Oksana Borodina. His new name presenter will officially launch on December 17, in the Kremlin Palace, where it will celebrate its 35th anniversary. Source: Oksana Fedorova has changed his name.

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