Christina Aguilera couldn't hide the cellulite on my knees

Christina Aguilera couldn't hide the cellulite on my kneesThe popular singer Christina Aguilera find cellulite on my knees. But the singer on this occasion, is not worried. Meanwhile, the actress was offered three million dollars to become the face of a Dating site for overweight people.Tempting offer did Christina Aguilera from the winner of the program "Top model American-style" Whitney Thompson. Last year she launched a Dating site for fat people. Thompson explained that she had created it for people who are overweight are not focused on in its entirety, and tried to focus on the fun and the pleasure of communicating with other people with the same forms.In the end, Whitney Thompson wrote a letter to Christina Aguilera, whose weight is only joy, so that she supported her initiative. Say Thompson invited popular singer three million dollars for cooperation. In turn, Christina obliged to take part in two photo shoots, four public performances, and that's not counting TV appearances and broadcasts on the radio. However, it is still unknown whether the proposal Aguilera, according to The Huffington Post.Meanwhile, Christina Aguilera once again shocked many fans and fashion critics in their appearance. The actress went public in a short purple dress that accentuated the melt figure of the singer. Christina unabashedly standing in front of the cameras and even flirtatious raised leg. It was noticeable that the artist absolutely not shy about his body.However, the spiteful critics could not resist the comment, noting that the singer terrible cellulite, which does not hide even tan. Moreover, irregularities Christine was even in those places where they cannot be usually on the knees and beneath them. Completed a nightmarish scene flowing blonde hair, the ends dyed in purple and pink. Source: Christina Aguilera are unable to hide the cellulite on my knees.

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