Volochkova had to make excuses for passionate photo with Baskov

Volochkova had to make excuses for passionate photo with BaskovBallerina Anastasia took part in the program "Talk and show with Leonid Zakashansky" dedicated another provocative photo shoot in the Maldives, which in addition to Anastasia participated and renowned tenor Nikolay Baskov.Not only that, the actress has laughed, she still had to make excuses for passionate photo with the "Golden voice of Russia".Actress Anastasia visited on a photo shoot in the Maldives, where the Internet got pictures, which Anastasia and her longtime friend Nikolay Baskov indulge in romance. Ballerina, all dressed in white, tried to act casual and steadfastly held their ground, when it lashed out. Pair of sexologists immediately said that the photos are staged, but Basque is absolutely not looks not only love, but also some excited. And the producer of the group "On-On" Bari Alibasov, who said that Nastya looks great and generally praised fotosesiju ballerinas, wondered only one reason: that next to her did Nikolai Baskov, which in show business is suspected of sexual orientation. Thus Alibasov raised Nastya again in laughter.Volochkova tried in vain to explain that in the Maldives they Baskov took some photos specifically to share them on the Network, however, the island was the paparazzi who photographed the couple while they were unaware. Then came the web for the hottest pictures of Nastya and Coley, in which the tenor passionately kisses the Breasts of a ballerina and the like. By the way, this shot was left not commented on by the Studio audience. According to many, Basque, kissed, and blew Volochkova. Nastia could only laugh with them, although her excitement was evident.Singer Tanya Tereshina and even stated that it's just PR. Volochkova retorted: "I have the right to relax the way I want, if I'm not around no problem. If I relax on the beach, I can be whatever: naked, Topless, smaples. It's my right!".

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