The doctors diagnosed anasteysha breast cancer re

The doctors diagnosed anasteysha breast cancer reFamous American singer Anastacia (Anastacia) announced that it would cancel its tour abroad for reasons of health. The singer, who became famous not only at home but also in Europe and Australia, said that doctors re-discovered she had breast cancer. For the first time this diagnosis was the star in 2003, reports the LA Times.Anastasia became famous with the release of the dance hit I'm outta love in 2000. Her tour It's a Man's World Tour, which was scheduled to begin on April 6 in London, immediately canceled. 44-year-old singer said that she's sorry to disappoint fans, but she hopes to reschedule the dates of the tour, when the doctors will make her final verdict.Representatives of the stars say that the singer was optimistic and ready to fight the disease and lead a full and productive life, despite the disease. Fans of Anastasi expressed words of support on Facebook-page of the singer, where was posted the sad news.In 13 years at anasteysha was diagnosed with chronic intestinal disease. This did not prevent her to become a dancer and win the 2002 talent show MTV. In recent years the singer has achieved many successes in the music industry and opened a clothing line and has toured worldwide. Source: the Doctors diagnosed anasteysha breast cancer re.

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