Kirsty ally: John Travolta is not gay

Kirsty ally: John Travolta is not gayPopular actress Kirsty Allie said that John Travolta, with whom she starred in the movie "look who's talking", is the "love of her life". According to the publication the Hollywood Reporter, such a confession she made in an interview with ABC television.According to the actress, she decided to make a serious affair with his film partner, as she at the time was married.As for the rumors about sexual orientation Travolta, Kirsty Allie considers them absurd. "I know John and I'm sure all my heart and soul that he's not gay. It's one of the oddities of the world of cinema. When someone reaches the heights in Hollywood and doesn't drink and he don't run after every skirt, what do you think about such a person?", - said the actress.Recall that in mid-2012 against the actor was filed several lawsuits containing allegations of sexual harassment towards men. Later they were withdrawn. Source: Kirsty Allie: John Travolta is not gay.

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