Pregnant Shakira naked with fiance Gerard Pique

Pregnant Shakira naked with fiance Gerard Pique Pregnant singer Shakira was photographed Topless with boyfriend Gerard Pique. Artist and football player shared a snapshot with his many admirers, put a photo on the Internet.Shakira and boyfriend the father of her first child Gerard Pique decided to support their favorite and took a picture with her. On quite a touching black-and-white photos of the couple posing in an embrace.It should be noted that Shakira looks great. If you do not know the age of the star and her lover, then the difference in ten years does not notice. The singer, who for the first time very soon to be mother, literally glows with happiness. 35-year-old blonde has decided not to strip completely. On her left bra and transparent organza skirt in floor flows beautifully on her figure. Judging from the picture, the future mother is in the last stages of pregnancy, as her belly is pretty impressive size.25-year-old Gerard decided to keep up with his Colombian girlfriend. He is also naked to the waist and demonstrates brawny torso to their fans. The athlete, on which alone jeans, very gently hugs Shakira's waist and supported his hand on her tummy.We already know that the couple has a boy. Young parents decided to name his Biel. It is derived from the name Gabrielle. The singer and the player equip the nursery for the baby in his mansion near Barcelona, which they bought a few months ago.In anticipation of the birth, Shakira and her boyfriend lead a quiet and regular life. New year the couple celebrated together, arranging a family dinner by candlelight. Source: Pregnant Shakira naked with fiance Gerard Pique (photo).

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