Elle.ru represents a new category Of `weeks`

Elle.ru represents a new category Of `weeks`Site about fashion, beauty and lifestyle Elle.ru starts a new heading "the Girl of the week", the heroines of which become successful and active representatives of the fashion industry. These girls turned favorite thing in the profession and have become a true inspiration for fashion community. Widely known in narrow circles in our age of high technology and postmodernism - a good reason to seriously speak of them as the stars of the new formation.Weekly Elle.ru will be the next character who will take part in a special photo session, and answer the questions from the interview. Fashionable addictions, signs, forming a lifestyle and career plans the most fashionable girls fashion-industry - in a special category Elle.ru "Girl of the week".The first heroines of the project became an it-girl, the owner of a conceptual showroom, the head of the PR Department, representing the popular fashion brands in Russia, and famous fashion editor. Source: Elle.ru is a new "Girl of the week"".

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