Brad pitt has a rare disease

Brad pitt has a rare diseaseThe diagnoses that doctors famous actor, is called prosopagnosia. Patients with this disease are unable to discern the faces of other people. It is believed that the disease may be congenital or acquired.Husband of Angelina Jolie saddened by this state of Affairs, because many of his acquaintances began to resent it, consider it arrogant, as it often does not recognize them. In the near future, the actor will be a detailed examination of the doctors. In order not to offend the people around him, Brad pitt brought all their communication with the outside world to a minimum and that is why he is sitting cooped up at home.Recall that the family of Hollywood stars of the screen suffers from diseases. Spouse brad pitt has recently undergone preventative surgery to remove the Breasts and going to remove the ovaries. Because of the high probability of development of cancer angelina Jolie had to take drastic measures. Source: Brad pitt has a rare disease.

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