The conflict between Kirkorov and Timothy develops

The conflict between Kirkorov and Timothy developsThe conflict between Philip Kirkorov and rapper Timati develops. After the pop king laughed at the failed concert of his young opponent, assistants Timothy amounted to a press release, according to which the whole story about allegedly half empty hall "Crocus" was registered.Then the lawyer Kirkorov, Alexander Dobrovinsky only quoted the words of Philip, who replied that let Timati not blame the mirror if your face is crooked.We will remind, the other day Ksenia Sobchak, Philip, Yana Rudkovskaya and other less famous people laughed at the concert of Timati, who allegedly failed miserably. Although on stage with him went one of the most sought after artists of our stage Grigory Leps, the event did not arouse much interest among the public. As it turned out, hall "Crocus" is not filled and half.Timothy long was silent and blamed Philip Kirkorov. The website of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" quoted the text of the press release assistants rap artist: "07 December 2012 at live music channel MTV in the program "no Secrets" was shown to the registered report on the alleged "failure of the concert of Timati in Crocus. In a private telephone conversation, the chief editor of the program "no Secrets" Anton Mihailuta and CEO of Black Star inc. Paul kuryanova, it became clear that Philip, offended by the previous conflict with Timothy, and apparently unable to cope with the desire to publicly revenge on the opponent, pressed the guide channel and, based on their participation in rating show "Holiday in Mexico", literally forced to produce a report that is the key. Guide MTV, not dared to contradict the artist involved in the popular TV show, contrary to all ethics, went on about Kirkorov and submitted the same report, does not correspond to reality".CEO of Black Star Inc. Pavel Kuryanov in the same press release stated: "I would like only to add that it is extremely sad to watch the actions of the media, who are in pursuit of ratings to invent "seamy side" and to engage in the falsification of the facts, sometimes not shrinking the creation of this kind of gear in order. The only thing that remains is to wish such media and their leaders, taking on such responsibility, to wash your hands often".Philip did not react to the statement assistants Timothy, but not left behind his lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky. He said: "I just spoke to Philip and told him about the letter, to which the man laughed and said, well, let Timati not blame the mirror, if face curve. You know, I have the impression that this person is fixated on Philippe. I don't know what it's love or adoration... Everything that happens in his life, he connects with Philip. If he has a sore throat or depart gases - all of which he associates with Philip". Source: the Conflict between Kirkorov and Timothy develops.

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