The film `Iron man 3` will not be gloomy

The film `Iron man 3` will not be gloomyContrary to popular belief, based only on guesses, the film "Iron man 3" will not be gloomy. This was explained in an interview with the West an austrailian head of Marvel, Kevin feig."No, this project can not be called serious, he seriously expands our understanding of Tony Stark. It's simple. We try to make the best films. Each of them needs to be different and to be fresh and interesting. In the case of "Iron man 3" we just gave the project a new direction," he said.In turn, the performer of the role of Tony stark Robert Downey Jr. promised that the third part will be as exciting as "the Avengers".Recall that the premiere will take place on may 3, 2013. Source: the Film "Iron man 3" will not be gloomy.

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