Philip shook colleagues frilly outfits

Philip shook colleagues frilly outfitsThe capital hosted the annual masquerade ball Bosco, which was attended by domestic show-business. But shone brighter than all the pop king Philip Kirkorov. He literally shook their colleagues frilly outfits and unusual images.Recently in Moscow was held the annual masquerade ball Bosco. At a Grand event held at the theatre of Nations, arrived almost all of the domestic elite. So, on new year's eve ball were spotted actress Alika Smekhova in the image of a concubine, the wife of Oleg Tabakov and Marina Zudina, who even played a small funny scene, lawyer Mikhail Barshchevsky, TV presenter Oksana Pushkin and the host of the party Mikhail Kusnirovich.However shone brighter than all the pop king national scene Philip Kirkorov. The artist has prepared for the event two rather unusual image, which is reflected in his microblog. Initially, the singer was reincarnated as a cat: a bright caftan black and red, on top of which the performer is wearing a fur vest to the floor. Completes the picture of a playful ears and painted whiskers.The second image Kirkorov literally caused a stir and, according to many, was the most memorable new year's eve party. Moreover, the artist tried on a dress, he also starred in the arms of showman Igor Ugolnikov, which, incidentally, also chose to masquerade ball women's appearance.Kirkorov has laid out in his microblog photo, where he demonstrates his most successful image. The artist chose a colorful sweater, a luxurious black skirt, tied with a scarf, and a fur vest. On the head of the singer donned a black wig with a big beam on top. It is interesting that Philip did not forget about beads, patch chest and makeup: tinted lips, eyes. Beard only graced the funny image of the artist. According to many guests, Kirkorov represented sultry Gypsy, and his costume has become almost Central.The host of the event was Ivan Urgant. The program was scheduled a live jazz band of Igor Butman, Leonid Parfyonov, Valery Syutkin and many others. Source: Philip shook colleagues frilly outfits.

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