Can family happiness to be gay?

Can family happiness to be gay?Many believe that people with a different sexual orientation cannot create happiness. It's hard to say for everyone, but there are some examples indicating that such people can live a happy family life and are capable of long-term relationship.Cynthia Nixon, actress in the popular television series "Sex and the city" gave birth to its civil husband two children. More than 8 years is in a homosexual couple with Christine She, a renowned social activist. It is noteworthy that they met at a protest rally held in protest against the reduction of funding for education. The police arrested them behind bars they met. Their wedding took place only once in the U.S. state of new York were at the legislative level allowed same-sex marriages.Tom Ford, the famous fashion designer and film Director and his beloved Richard Berkeley together for over a quarter of a century. Tom is openly gay. It is known that he worked in the fashion house Gicci. His partner, Richard, was the chief editor of men's Vogue magazine. The couple has long wondered about the child, and only in mid-2012, with the help of a surrogate mother, they became parents of a little boy named Alexander John Buckley Ford.Popular American actress and Televisa Ellen DeGeneres is gay marriage with another American actress Portia De Rossi, best known for the TV series "McBeal" and "Arrested Development". Their relationship developed since 2004, but only after approval of same-sex marriage in California, they were able to create a family.Melissa Etheridge, an American rock star, which is compared to Bruce Springsteen, happy paired with actress Tammy Lynn Michaels. Tammy, as a result of artificial insemination Melissa gave birth to twins. In 2007, Melissa has received the award "Oscar" for the best song for a documentary film that promotes the protection of the Earth's environment. After the presentation of the statuettes, Melissa Etheridge jokingly said that Oscar will be the only naked man in her bedroom. In 2010, the couple broke up.These are just a few examples of successful families build a homosexual couple. The other most famous example is same-sex marriage singer and musician Elton John and filmmaker David Furnish.In Russia, same-sex marriage is prohibited. So there is virtually no information about long-term same-sex relationships. With the exception, perhaps, is the relationship of Renata Litvinova and singer Zemfira, which lasted more than 8 years. But they gave the crack. According to some reports, Renata was fond of some mysterious Frenchwoman. Source: Can family happiness to be gay?.

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