Died world-famous architect Oscar Niemeyer (video)

Died world-famous architect Oscar Niemeyer (video)The oldest architect of the planet - the Brazilian Oscar Niemeyer died on Wednesday at a clinic in Brazil, did not live a few days before his 105th birthday.In the last year of life Niemeyer was often sick, repeatedly came to the hospital, but despite this, I tried to keep creative activity and do not stop working. On his Desk in the Studio on the seafront of Copacabana remained the project of the new building of the famous restaurant "Parken" in Rio de Janeiro.Heritage Niemeyer - more than 400 buildings in 18 countries, and none of the projects for the master was not an ordinary and duty". "Architecture needs to surprise and excite the imagination," thought the great Brazilian, one of the first who discovered the artistic possibilities of concrete. Among his creations is the Museum of modern art in Niteroi and Caracas, the building of the publishing house Mondadori in Milan, the building of the foreign Ministry of Algeria, the Spanish cultural center of avilГ©s, the headquarters of the French Communists in Paris, a residential complex in Grasse near nice, France.In the late 1950s, Niemeyer brought to life the dream of every great architect. As chief architect, he participated in the construction of the new capital of Brazil - Brasilia, which was built "from the first peg". Niemeyer designed the main public buildings of the present capital, including the presidential Palace, the foreign Ministry building, the Congress and the Supreme court of the Metropolitan Cathedral. It was he who brought in modern architecture plasticity "free bending" which changed the views of contemporaries about form and functionality, reminds ITAR-TASS.Among countless awards master has international Lenin prize "For strengthening peace among peoples", made in 1963, and the Russian Order of Friendship given to him in December 2007.The internationally acclaimed architect has always been alien to star disease and never changed leftist beliefs, he became a supporter of Communist ideas in his youth and in 1945 joined the ranks of the Communist party."For me the most important thing is not architecture. The most important thing is life, friends and a world full of injustice, which should be changed," he often said.Niemeyer loved life in all its manifestations. His first marriage with Anitai Baldo lasted 76 years. In 2006, two years after the death of his wife, Niemeyer at the age of 99 years old married a second time. And yet the great architect lifelong love watching the clouds, "waiting for the revelation in their ever-changing forms.".

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