Anna Sedokova was disappointed in the institution of marriage

Anna Sedokova was disappointed in the institution of marriageSinger Anna Sedokova revealed via his Twitter account that she is disappointed not only in the husband and close friend, but also in the institution of marriage.Looks like a second marriage singer Anna Sedokova with Maxim Cherniavsky has finally turned into a formality. Recall that the first time she hinted at a crisis in their relationship with Maxim on Ukrainian television late last year. "Now I'm standing on the verge of a solution. Yes, that's right, I choose to be free in their desires. Sometimes people break up to become happier, I truly believe that," she said then.Today Anya says and does about his marriage in the past tense. And, judging by her recognition on Twitter, the singer does not believe in formal marriage. "I don't want to get married. Only free love," she wrote."I make conclusions and move on. I'll build it all again. The will to believe and to trust again. Madly in love and be loved, - confessed the singer with his readers.Rumor has it that the final rupture between Anna and her husband Maxim had a hand in her, now ex, girlfriend Santa Dimopulos. Anya is very upsetting photos on social networks, on which Maxim had a good time in Los Angeles in the company of Santa."Once again made the wrong friend. But what is it with me!!! Some girls think that every man for himself in this war for men. And that is the war. Maybe so. But certainly not mine," responded star in these pictures.But as we mentioned above, the singer still believes in love, though, and free. And wants to continue to expand their family. "I want a son... a Brother to the lassies daughters," wrote the mother of 7-year-old Alina Monica and eighteen months. Source: Anna Sedokova was disappointed in the institution of marriage.

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