Timothy `apologized` before Kirkorov for insults

Timothy `apologized` before Kirkorov for insultsIn his microblog famous rap artist Timati made a surprise confession. He suddenly apologized to his opponent Philip Kirkorov and acknowledged him king. Soon, however, the artist said that his account got hacked and he actually keeps to its old position.Yesterday in the microblogging popular rap artist Timati has recorded this: "Before the end of the world, realized a lot...Summed up, not only their achievements, but also errors. Yes, I agree, I'm not @bastaakanoggano and didn't have to jump above the head, it is not my level. Now the main... Dear Filipp Kirkorov, apologize and admit your status as King. Читать полностью -->

Panina not adopted the role of Metropolitan Alexy

Panina not adopted the role of Metropolitan AlexyAndrey Panin said that the Russian Orthodox Church did not approve him for the role of Metropolitan Alexis in the film "the Horde". The actor has told about it in interview "to Arguments of week".According to Panin, representatives of the ROC was not satisfied with the fact that he too "Mongolian eyes". Metropolitan Alexy - the protagonist of the film "the Horde". The film tells about how he makes a trip to the capital of the Golden Horde, to cure the blind Titulo, mother khans of Janibek and Tribeca.Andrey Panin has performed in "the Horde" the role of Khan Tribeca. Metropolitan Alexy as a result played a Maxim Sukhanov.The script "Horde" wrote Yuri Arabs the production of the film did Andrei Proshkin. In June 2012 it was screened in the main competition of the 34th Moscow international film festival. Читать полностью -->

The leaders in the nominations for `Golden eagle` - `Horde` and `White tiger`

The leaders in the nominations for `Golden eagle` - `Horde` and `White tiger`Declared contenders for the award "Golden eagle" award by national Academy of cinema arts and Sciences of Russia awards in 2012, for the eleventh time.The top five contenders for the best film of the year included "the White tiger" by Karen Shakhnazarov, "Vysotsky. Thank God I'm alive" by Pyotr Buslov, "soulless" Novel Prygunov, "the Horde" by Andrey Proshkin" and "Spy" Alexey Andrianov, writes "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".Most nominations received by a film "the Horde": it is presented in 12 categories, including in the main.Proshkin may be the best Director, composer Alexei aigui to receive the prize for the music and performers of the main roles rose hajrulin and Maxim Sukhanov - take awards in their respective categories. Did not remain without attention of the experts of the "Golden eagle" and writer Yuri Arabs who have been honoured with this tape prize of film critics "White elephant", which was presented a week ago.Of Directors in the shortlist for the award were Roman Prygunov, Andrei Proshkin and Karen Shakhnazarov, one of the writers, Yuri Arabs ("Horde"), Karen Shakhnazarov and Alexander Borodyansky ("White tiger") and Nikita Vysotsky ("Vysotsky. Thank God I'm alive").Mystical military Shakhnazarov film this year was nominated from Russia for "Oscar" for best film in a foreign language, but from the "Oscar race" already dropped out; however, when nominating experts said that the chances of this film, even getting into a long list is not very large."White tiger" can get eight "eagles", and among the categories in which it is presented - scenario (Shakhnazarov together with Alexander Borodyansky) and composition (Yuri patience and Konstantin Shevelev). It is noteworthy that patience got nominated for "best film music" twice - the second time in work on the movie "Spy". A screen adaptation of Boris Akunin's "Spy novel" took the third place by quantity of the received nominations: the film claims to win in seven categories - best actor (Fyodor Bondarchuk) and best supporting actress (Victoria shot Tolstoganova).Among the best television series: "the White guard" Sergey Snezhkin, "Case of grocery N1" Sergey Ashkenazi, "the diamond Hunters in" Alexander Kott, "bugs" Alexei Muradov, "Split" Nicholas Dostala and Furtseva. Читать полностью -->

Tatyana Kotova was caught in a strange occupation

Tatyana Kotova was caught in a strange occupationTatiana Kotova, recently delighted fans with their songs and beautiful forms from the TV screens in the group "VIA Gra" was caught in a sticky situation. The winner of the title "Miss Russia 2006" in the media reveals the secrets of her beautiful figure, beauty and a healthy diet.Beauty caught in the Sheremetyevo airport while waiting for flight of the aircraft. Surrounding passengers were horrified to see that beyond the television screen Tatyana Kotova drinking beer, and from the neck, and jammed this alcoholic calorie drink fried potato chips. Probably, Tatiana thought in modest clothing and dark glasses nobody knows but the beauty Queen learned of her fans, just caught in the airport.The company Tatiana in such a snack on the move amounted dancers from her show-ballet. But recently the singer was slender and graceful. The weight she had gained quite rapidly and, judging by the photos, is guilty of wrong food. Читать полностью -->

The Ukrainian won the Junior Eurovision song contest-2012 (video)

The Ukrainian won the Junior Eurovision song contest-2012 (video)Just in Amsterdam ended in Junior Eurovision, won Nastya Petrik.Ukrainka received a total score of 138 points for the song "Heaven" that allowed her to win with a comfortable advantage. Second place in the competition was won by Georgia (103 points) and third - Armenia (98 points).Nastya Petrik was born from a musical family: her father plays the piano, his mother the violin, and older sister Victoria sings (in 2008 he took second place in the Junior Eurovision song contest). Also note that earlier she participated in the show "UkraВ©mAВ¦ talent 2", and in 2010 won the children's New wave".Source: the Ukrainian wins at the Junior Eurovision-2012 (video). . . . Читать полностью -->

Sobchak secretly got married

Sobchak secretly got married Became known some details of the "secret" wedding of TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak and actor Maxim Vitorgan. And she was a married lady now Sobchak showed a touching photo with wedding rings.At a festive ceremony was attended by friends and relatives of the couple: the parents of young - glorified Emmanuel Vitorgan with his wife Irina, Melodic and Lyudmila Narusova, the singer Glitch-Oza and musician Alexey Kortnev, blogger and writer Veronica Belotserkovsky. The wife of the famous actor Emmanuil Vitorgan about the wedding young said: "We are happy that our daughter Ksenia Sobchak. She is a very worthy man.". . . Читать полностью -->

10 most asexual Hollywood Actresses

10 most asexual Hollywood ActressesOn the eve of the awards ceremony, the Oscars, the British website MenKind disseminated the results of the survey, the purpose of which was to identify dozens of the most asexual Hollywood Actresses.First place in the top ten least sexy Actresses in Hollywood got the Twilight star Kristen Stewart (who took seventh place in the ranking of the most desired women on the website AskMen).In "cold ten" also got the actress:Sarah Jessica ParkerLindsay LohanDenise RichardsKirsten DunstMischa BartonHilary SwankLucy LiuTilda SwintonUma ThurmanThe representative MenKind stressed that we are talking about the tastes of the British male audience, which may not like the capricious actress and the snow Queen, and painfully thin star on the big screen. Source: 10 most asexual Hollywood Actresses. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Kristen Stewart will play in the sequel to `Snow white`

Kristen Stewart will play in the sequel to `Snow white`Kristen Stewart has signed a contract to take part in the filming of the sequel, "Snow white and the huntsman". This publication reports Radar Online.It is also alleged that the Director of the first film's Director Rupert Sanders, who tied with Stewart more than a friendly relationship, not the Director of the sequel. Scenario picture is ready, and shooting should begin in the first half of 2013.Note that in the beginning, when it became known about the affair Stewart and Sanders, Universal planned to make a spin-off, the plot is focusing on the Hunter, not the snow. However, after the successful resolution of the conflict, apparently, had made a different decision.The film "snow white and the huntsman" flopped at the U.S. box office and barely paid off at the expense of international. Source: Kristen Stewart will play in the sequel to "Snow white"". Читать полностью -->

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