Bruce Willis has graced the cover of GQ magazine US

Bruce Willis has graced the cover of GQ magazine US Bruce Willis in the March issue of GQ US.Source: Bruce Willis has graced the cover of GQ magazine US (photos). . . . . . Читать полностью -->

The first trailer of the film `world War Z` (video)

The first trailer of the film `world War Z` (video)Zombie Thriller Marc Forster's "world War Z", an adaptation of the popular book by max Brooks, the story of Gerry lane (brad pitt) who tries to save his family and the whole planet from an army of the undead.Today in the Internet appeared the first trailer of the film is tense and frightening, with tragically beautiful pitt on the background of paintings of the Apocalypse."World war Z" was supposed to appear in theaters in December of this year. However, the filmmakers were dissatisfied with the ending and appointed additional shooting, which took seven weeks. To redo the script, written by Joseph Strazynski ("underworld: Awakening") and Matthew Carnahan ("the Kingdom"), instructed the Damon Lindelof, producer and screenwriter of the TV series "lost", but he didn't have enough time, and the work had to finish drew Goddard, the Director of "the Cabin in the woods." As a result the final version of the picture will be very different from the source workbook - final made it more common and severe.Together with brad pitt in a post-apocalyptic Thriller Marc Forster ("monster's Ball," "quantum of solace") starred Matthew Fox ("lost," "I, Alex Cross"), David Morse ("the Green mile", "Dancing in the dark"), Mireille Enos ("Lie to me") and others. In one scene, appears the famous Russian actor Konstantin Khabensky. The Russian premiere of "war of the worlds Z" will be held in the summer of 2013. Video. Читать полностью -->

Brad pitt has a rare disease

Brad pitt has a rare diseaseThe diagnoses that doctors famous actor, is called prosopagnosia. Patients with this disease are unable to discern the faces of other people. It is believed that the disease may be congenital or acquired.Husband of Angelina Jolie saddened by this state of Affairs, because many of his acquaintances began to resent it, consider it arrogant, as it often does not recognize them. In the near future, the actor will be a detailed examination of the doctors. In order not to offend the people around him, Brad pitt brought all their communication with the outside world to a minimum and that is why he is sitting cooped up at home.Recall that the family of Hollywood stars of the screen suffers from diseases. Spouse brad pitt has recently undergone preventative surgery to remove the Breasts and going to remove the ovaries. Читать полностью -->

Konstantin Meladze to death brought down the woman

Konstantin Meladze to death brought down the womanPopular composer and producer Konstantin Meladze was responsible for a car accident. Celebrity knocked on his car the woman who died at the scene from his injuries.A terrible accident happened on Thursday evening, December 27. Then the Prosecutor of the Kiev region reported an accident near Kiev on the highway Kyiv-Obukhiv with famous Ukrainian composer and music producer, without mentioning his name. Later it became known that it was about Konstantin Meladze."He really was driving, he does not deny it. Was sober", - quotes the representative of law enforcement agencies "Interfax". In a regional Central Board was reminded that in this incident opened criminal proceedings.According to the Prosecutor of the Kiev region, moving in the direction of Kiev, the driver of a Lexus (that is Konstantin Meladze) traffic stop near the "city" has made arrival on the pedestrian. Читать полностью -->

Uma Thurman wants to play erotic `Twilight`

Uma Thurman wants to play erotic `Twilight`On the Internet and then have new information about the casting for the main roles in the movie "50 shades of grey" - the film adaptation of the controversial erotic bestseller based on "Twilight.". . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Garik Kharlamov personally confirmed the affair with Christine Asmus

Garik Kharlamov personally confirmed the affair with Christine AsmusWe didn't have time to write that Garik Kharlamov introduced new lover Kristina Asmus with his mother, he personally confirmed an affair with a colleague on Twitter.Once it became known that the still married resident of Comedy Club started a relationship on the side, for the poor fellow Christine showered with baseless accusations, and they all boiled down to the fact that she is a homewrecker. Kharlamov tired of reading the dirt in the beloved, and he rushed to protect her, but at the same time and to place all points over "i":"Confusing aggression towards @AsmusKristina and frantic interest of the tabloids to our relationship:1. I was in a state of divorce for more than 5 months.2. Don't live with my wife for 3 months.3. No children.No I'm not back away! That's all. Thank you. Читать полностью -->

Seven-year-old violinist and composer compared with Mozart (video)

Seven-year-old violinist and composer compared with Mozart (video)Seven year old British schoolgirl Alma Deutscher plays very well the piano and violin and has already composed an Opera. All this she does at such a professional level that classical music lovers compare Alma with Mozart, writes The Daily Mail.A girl has her own channel on YouTube, and in the number of her fans is a famous actor, TV and radio broadcaster and writer Stephen fry, who is very well versed in music. He in his Twitter called the girl "the new Mozart".Alma Deutscher is the daughter of scientists, her father - flutist-lover. In two years she could name all the keys on the piano. On its third birthday Alma received the gift of a violin, and a year later the girl played sonatas by Handel.Besides the fact that Deutscher - Prodigy-artist, she was also the composer. At the beginning of this year, Alma Deutscher wrote a short Opera the Sweeper of dreams" on poems by Elizabeth Adlington, which for some technical reasons, missed the final of the competition for young composers and performers, organized by the National Opera theatre of great Britain.YouTube channel girls, which laid out the video of her performance of classics and own compositions, he has already collected 85 million views and 300 subscribers."I want people to know how I play," said Alma reporters, adding that when they get older, want to "compose like Mozart, play the violin like Perlman and pianist - as Barenboim".The father of the girl-child Prodigy said that his daughter is doing at his age is not less complicated things than Mozart. Читать полностью -->

Gerard Depardieu has been granted the status of honorary Udmurt

Gerard Depardieu has been granted the status of honorary UdmurtWorld-famous actor Gerard Depardieu has received a Russian passport, was made an honorary Udmurt. According to Sergey Orlov, first Secretary of the Board of the creative organization "Igcar" serving the initiator of the award, such title to the newly made Russian was given "in gratitude for his act to become a citizen of Russia"."We decided that Depardieu acted as a responsible citizen, and we believe that the law, which has developed the French government, just offends creative people. And Gerard Depardieu as a man sensitive, gave a sign to the government: the government should work intelligently, not to plug holes crazy rules of the game" - quoted him as saying by ITAR-TASS.It is worth noting that the winners of the award in different years was albert Einstein, Steve jobs, John Lennon, Yuri Gagarin, Marat Gelman, and other great men. Badge "Honorary Udmurt" is awarded every year to those who, one way or another, had a significant influence on the culture of the Republic. If Gerard Depardieu will not come to the award ceremony in Izhevsk on February 23, then the sign will be sent by mail. Source: Gerard Depardieu has been granted the status of honorary Udmurt. Читать полностью -->

Jenna Tatum in the Nude for Esquire

Jenna Tatum in the Nude for Esquire Gorgeous actress and wife of Channing Tatum will soon be the mother of the firstborn, in the meantime, continues to delight his fans with sexy photos into the Nude.Recently, the network appeared the luxurious photoshoot Jenna Tatum for Esquire taken before pregnancy stars: photo of a babe posing in stunning underwear in a luxurious white bed.On pictures petite Jenna, pride is one of the sexiest men of the planet, Channing Tatum, preparing very soon to become a mother, looks amazing. But we are sure that after pregnancy slim beauty will not lose the perfect shape, what do you say? Source: Jenna Tatum in the Nude for Esquire (photos). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Berlusconi will pay to the wife for divorce

Berlusconi will pay to the wife for divorceThe Milan court ruled divorce of ex-Premier Silvio Berlusconi and his wife Veronica Lario. The process lasted for three years. According to the decision of the judges, the politician will be on a monthly basis to pay ex-wife three million euros.The decision, which for Berlusconi, in particular, remains Villa Macherio cost of approximately 78 million euros, where his ex-wife has spent the last 20 years until 2010, was issued a few days ago for Christmas. However, it has become known only now.Berlusconi met with Lario in 1980 and ten years later entered into a second in my life official marriage. Spouse publicly announced his decision to divorce her husband in may 2009, RIA Novosti reported.For the first time she really spoke about divorce in the summer of 2008, and then the woman admitted that she thinks about this for ten years. According to some, the last straw that broke the patience of the Lario, was the presence of Berlusconi on April 26, 2009 in celebration of the 18th anniversary of neapolitani Noemi Letizia.The girl affectionately called policy of "Papi". Читать полностью -->




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