Ashton Kutcher flirts with a spectacular blonde

Ashton Kutcher flirts with a spectacular blondeMila kunis and Ashton Kutcher make an impression of a harmonious couple. But everything goes down the drain, only a Mile to turn away, as loving Ashton Kutcher immediately begins to flirt with an attractive blonde.Recently Ashton Kutcher attended the match of the basketball team Los Angeles Lakers. The game actor came alone, his girlfriend Mila kunis was busy with some chores. And in vain: her boyfriend was immediately hooked to the cutest actress from the TV series the big Bang Theory ' kaley cuoco and the whole evening trying to charm her.Ashton incessantly told Kaylee some funny stories and was clearly her success. The actors kept laughing and by the end of the game began to look at each other much warmer. Well, now Mile will be something to think about, and along with comprehend the experience of demi Moore, the deceived wife of Ashton Kutcher divorce which, by the way, the actor did not make. Читать полностью -->

The film `Iron man 3` will not be gloomy

The film `Iron man 3` will not be gloomyContrary to popular belief, based only on guesses, the film "Iron man 3" will not be gloomy. This was explained in an interview with the West an austrailian head of Marvel, Kevin feig."No, this project can not be called serious, he seriously expands our understanding of Tony Stark. It's simple. We try to make the best films. Each of them needs to be different and to be fresh and interesting. In the case of "Iron man 3" we just gave the project a new direction," he said.In turn, the performer of the role of Tony stark Robert Downey Jr. Читать полностью -->

Top ophthalmologists the Russian Federation and Moscow had surgery Sergey Owl

Top ophthalmologists the Russian Federation and Moscow had surgery Sergey OwlArtistic Director of the ballet troupe of the Bolshoi theater Sergei Owl on January 23, underwent surgery on anaplastic conjunctiva of the eye with the use of embryonic cells.According to "Interfax", the operation in which took part the head ophthalmologist of the Russian Federation and chief ophthalmologist of Moscow, was successful.Instead, received a 36-city hospital with chemical burns to the face and eyes, have already held a second ophthalmic surgery. on January 22, the artistic Director of the Bolshoi theatre has also undergone plastic surgery, which was uneventful.Condition artistic Director of the Bolshoi, according to the Department of health capital, estimated to be stable; treatment, according to doctors, encouraging results. In the near future will determine further tactics of treatment, after which solved the question of where the owl will undergo rehabilitation.The owl was admitted to the hospital on the night of January 18 after a late evening of 17 th unknown in the yard of his house splashed him with acid in his face. Artistic Director received burns of the 3rd degree. Concerning the attack on Filin prosecuted under the 111th article of the criminal code of Russian Federation (deliberate causing of heavy harm to health). The owl, his colleagues in the theater, as well as law enforcement agencies attribute the crime with his professional activities.January 22, Sergei Filin has given interview in which has told that is full of energy and cheerful and configured to work. Читать полностью -->

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